Easy Pork Chop Two Ways

I’m a fan of buying in bulk when it comes to meat.  Since it saves me money.

I’m also a fan of cooking ahead over the weekends and just pick which one of the containers you feel like eating. This is something I learned from my mom. And I find it very effective.

Last Saturday,I found this pork chop on my freezer. I think it’s about 7.5 lbs. I usually divide the meat into two before freezing them.But for some reason that I don’t remember why I didn’t divide the pork chop. So, I just thawed the whole thing. And decided to look for 2 easy  pork chop recipes that I could keep in my fridge over the weeknight dinner and work lunch.

From this pork chop, half of it I made Smothered Pork Chop by Tyler of Food Network. I have made this one several times already.


Smothered Pork Chop

And the other half,  I made them as a Baked Crunchy Apricot Pork Chop from Martha Stewart’s website.This is the first time I made this. And it is very easy and actually delicious.


I didn’t use wheat bread. I just used plain bread crumbs that made from the left over dinner rolls and white breads I’ve made at home. Then, I just mixed Italian seasoning/herbs and a little salt with the bread crumbs.

I baked them @ 350° for 40 minutes. I wanted it tender. So it will be easier chewing my 3-year old.



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