Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies

My little kid doesn’t mind eating adult food as long it’s soft and small enough for him to chew,  which is a good thing. But he gets tired easily not just on toys but also with foods.

The first thing I made when I got my first stand mixer (which is like about 2 months ago) was chocolate chip cookies. He loves them the first time.  The second time I made them, he doesn’t like them anymore.

I decided to look for chocolate chip cookie variations since I do have semi-sweet and white chocolate morsels that I collect everytime I see them on sale.

I found Ina Garten’s cookie recipe. I never made chocolate cookies before, so I decided to make them.


I made only half batch of the recipe.


This recipe doesn’t have much butter that you need to flatten them after scooping. I forgot to do that and I just remembered when they were already in the oven but wasn’t too late.


My son said “Mmmm… yummy” after his first bite. I used Ghirardelli white chocolate chips and I reduced the sugar.

Oh I just want to mention about this fellow in my kitchen. I found this “sugar bear” in Amazon  that supposed to keep your brown sugar moist. And it actually works!



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