Light Brioche Buns

Last Saturday instead of staying home in the cold, we decided to have some fun playing in the snow.

I wanted to make sandwiches for our snow playing day. I’ve made white bread multiple times before and this time, I wanted to make rolls or buns for a change.

When I just got my stand mixer, I was too ambitious and made ”Hawaiian bread copycat” rolls. So, this is my second time making rolls.

I love brioche bread specially on bread puddings or French toasts. I’ve looked for brioche recipes before but the amount of eggs I needed, scare me away from making them. So, I wondered if there’s such “light” version of it. Using Google, I found this Light Brioche Bread.


I need to practice on making a good looking roll.


I doubled the recipe. It’s very easy and similar to white bread recipe but this one got eggs.


And here they are.


I need to sample it. I used the funkiest looking one.

So,is this the brioche I’m looking for? I don’t really consider it brioche but that’s why they call it “light” right? But this recipe turned out soft and tasted good. I’ll keep it and I’ll be making it again next time.

P.S. I have to redo my post? I posted this earlier. It says published but I don’t see it. Ugh, wordpress is acting up today.


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