Baked chicken breasts two ways

These are the two recipes I like to make on skinless and boneless chicken. These two chicken recipes run out fast every time I make them.

Chicken Cordon Bleu


I used meat tenderizer to flattend the chickens. It does create lots of noise in the house though.


I like putting some veggies. I used chopped frozen baby spinach.


Putting the staffing.


I like to use plastic wrap to help me tuck in all the stuffings. I secure these chicken rolls with toothpicks.  Then, it’s ready to dip them on flour,  then egg,  then bread crumbs with garlic,  onion powder andc some dried herbs.

Chicken Tenders


I love buttermilk. It makes the chicken juicy. I buy I this quarter gallon, and store the rest on a  container so I could freeze it until I need it again for cooking.


I put a little salt,  garlic and onion powder in the buttermilk marinade.


For the chicken tenders, just cover them with bread crumbs, parmesan cheese and dried thyme. And for the cordon bleu, I used toothpicks that I soaked in water to hold the chicken to rolls. I sprayed the foils with Pam to prevent chickens from sticking


Crispy outside and juicy in the inside. 


Now I can’t see the toothpicks.  But easy to find and just have to cut them crosswise to make sure no toothpick was left.

The chicken parmesan tenders recipe is based from Giada of Food Network. And the cordon bleu is from Emeril that I found @ Martha Stewart website.


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