Oven roasted baby back ribs

Last weekend for a super bowl themed food, I oven roasted pork ribs. I think we did charcoal grill ribs once before. Then, I used slow cooker since it’s easier and I can cook the ribs even my husband is not around (I will never use bbq grill by myself).

I don’t have a big slow cooker and I bought these ribs that come in 3 whole ribs in a pack. Meat is easy to freeze for the extra or left over. So, I just cooked all of it and freeze them once we get tired of it. I decided to divide it to 2 and do 2 different bbq recipes.


I found this from Martha.
I put very little cayenne pepper and paprika for my little one.
It has a dry rub recipe then I made this classic barbeque sauce I found on her website as well.

And the other recipe is from epicurious. It’s very simple, kid friendly because it’s not spicy at all and it’s sweet.
The name of the recipe has tomato on it. But actually it’s all ketchup for tomato.

After boiling.

Sauce is now pureed.

Just cover meat with the ketchup sauce.

I baked them in the oven at the same time. After almost 3 hours…
This is the one with ketchup sauce.

This is the one with dry rub.

Just make some salad and microwave the ribs on meal time.

My husband and I prefer the one with the dry rub. The ketchup one is not bad and my son loves it even though he doesn’t like ketchup at all.


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