Chocoflan: Chocolate Cake and Flan in One

Valentine’s day is on Thursday this week. So, I thought of my date- my husband. He loves flan. I’ve made egg flan several times before, though mostly when there’s a get together or occasion. I use my mom’s recipe and just alter it to my preference.

I’ve bookmarked this long time ago – it’s called Chocoflan. I was just waiting for the right time to make this. I’ve eaten something similar to this but instead of chocolate cake, it was white.

I think this chocoflan cake is actually cool since the cake and flan layer will switch at the end. This is also a good alternative for typical cakes with frostings on top. And flan lover like my husband will love this flan variation.


I caramelized the sugar (no cream or milk) just like my mom’s traditional flan instead of the cajeta. I used loaf pans because I prefer not to serve it all at once and easier for me to store. And yes, aluminum foil since these non-stick pans got scratches (they are not old…just missused by me).


The flour mixture for the cake. It has chocolate flavor but it’s not too rich.

The cake mixture.

I added pinch of salt on the flan mixture.

The flan mixture on top.

It took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to bake this. The cake is now on top.

This is it when flipped. The carameIized sugar didn’t look that good on this. I should try caramel sauce next time and didn’t put garnishings.

Inside the cake.

Another view.

Now I now what to bring on potlucks.


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