I love Spam…

I haven’t been blogging lately since I haven’t cooked anything. I had this time when I decided to take some few days off to have a longer long weekend. Few days from my little days off, I got sick then spent the other few days left as a family time and to bring our son to a theme park. So, we got nothing to eat at home except the to-go left over from eating out. But last night I didn’t want to buy outside food again because it’s eating a lot of my budget. I do get home from work a little late so I don’t have much time to cook and bedtime for my little one is 8.

I always keep Spam (the canned food) in my house. We like the less sodium one.


I usually just sliced it and baked it until browned and eat it with rice or salad.

I also used Spam on cornbreads.


I shredded some spam and browned them until crispy.


I usually use this recipe for cornbread.


I used mini muffin pans.


And here they are.


Spam bits inside.

This is something simple but just makes me want to go to my future retirement home in Hawaii…in my dreams. = P


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