Baked Maple-Glazed Bacon Doughnuts

Lately, I feel a little stressed from work and other non-work related. On top of that, my poor little one caught some cold again. Since today is Friday, I’m excited to be able to step back and just focus at home soon. Then hoping brain is no longer a scrambled egg on Monday.

As my TGIF celebration and cooking is my new found stress therapy…I’ve made donuts for breakfast.  I made them last night. My little one been eating peanut butter and jelly or cereal in the morning since I’ve been MIA in the kitchen for like a week.

This is the recipe from King Arthur flour.


I actually used more than 6 slices but I needed more.


The donut mixture.  It’s a pretty easy recipe.


I almost ran out of bacons. I don’t have donut pans so mini muffin pans instead.


I drizzled a little bit of maple syrup on each.


Baked them for 10 minutes @ 350°.


Initially I thought I will skip the glaze but since I feel like I didn’t have enough bacons, I should give them a glaze for extra flavor. I only put very thin glaze.


I have these sprinkles supposed to be for sugar cookies but never used them.  I’m gonna use them now.


My sick little boy who doesn’t have much appetite ate about 1 1/2 of these this morning and he asked for more but ate only sprinkles.


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