Homemade Marshmallows

I haven’t used my whisk attachment since I got my stand mixer which is almost 3 months now. I have been wanting to try it but I’m not sure what I’m gonna make so I could use the whisk. Until one time while on a long driving, I thought of marshmallow and found this recipe.

I bought this for fruit pies or cake with fresh fruit but didn’t get a chance to make those yet. I’m glad I could use it for something else.


The recipe called for 3 cups of sugar but I only put 2 1/4.


Syrup is ready.  I don’t have a candy thermometer. I only got regular one and I just found out that it’s max is only 220°. So, I just timed it for 10 minutes.


Fluffy white.


Ready to be molded.


I left it overnight since I was getting sleepy.

I used pizza cutter and I think it works better than a knife.


They are softer than the ones on the stores. That’s a coffee with my marshmallow instead of sugar.

Maybe I’ll try honey instead of corn syrup next time. I wonder if honey will give a better flavor…


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