A Simple Spaghetti That Warms Your Soul

Last weekend, my husband told me that he’s craving for something “normal” food. I was like “huh?!!?”. I got a little offended since this year as my new year’s resolution I want to do more homemade foods. So what is he talking about? Doesn’t he appreciate what I’m doing??? Then he convinced me, that he meant he just misses I would call “everyday typical” meal. Then, I realized that I have to admit I got excited making and experimenting different things lately. But sometimes simple meals like spaghetti is delicious and satisfying . I haven’t made spaghetti for like a year! It’s very easy, not expensive and kids love it. Spaghetti is actually my cousin’s favorite who I grew up like my twin sister and myself when we were kids. It actually makes me think of her when I think of spaghetti.

Long time ago, I saw Paula Deen’s spaghetti recipe and she puts worcestershire (I have to look how to spell this) sauce. From then, I always put some too on my sauce.


I put onions and green peppers.

Tomato crushed, chunks and paste.
Almost done.
Put cheese to make it done!
We all ate this on a bowl. That’s my kid’s bowl.


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