Wichcraft’s Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

Last summer when we visited my husband’s family in Nyc, we went to Chelsea Market to stroll and check out all the cool stores and restaurants in there.  I spotted wichcraft and got very curious. It was around lunch time and it was very busy so we decided to do more strolling then, we the adults got distracted by the lobster place and little one couldn’t take his eyes off from the colorful cookies and elmo cupcakes on other stores. So, we forgot about whichcraft and ended up having lobster and clam chowder for lunch, cookies and cupcakes for desserts.

Almost a week ago I think, I’ve learned about national peanut butter day and thought of making peanut butter cookies since my little one loves peanut butter. So, I found peanut butter sandwich cookies by wichcraft and decided to make them. Then, I would be able to eat some whichcraft.


Toasted oats on butter.



Decided to use heart shape cutter.


For me as a newbie baker, cutting the cookies is where the work is. I skipped the turbinado since I don’t have one.


Good batch came out from the oven. 


Burnt batch… which I need to throw after all those works.  This  was caused by baking pans that seems thinner compared to my other ones. The pans were left by the previous owner of our current house. Now I know why they left them even they look new. :/


The filing.



As expected, little one loves them. They got very rich peanut butter taste. For me, they did not turn out as one of my favorites. Maybe there’s something I didn’t do right or I’m not really a peanut butter person or maybe the peanut butter I used wasn’t that good quality- I used the all natural skippy one. Whatever it is, I’m glad someone else loves them 🙂 since it took me forever to make those cut out hearts!

“If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.”
-Michael Jordan


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