Oven Crisp Chicken Wings With Raising Cane’s Dipping Sauce

I usually cook on the weekends and we eat the foods I’ve made over the workdays. Last weekend, I didn’t get a chance to cook at all. I come home a little late and my husband even later. So, not really much time to make dinner on workdays. Last night we need food for dinner, I need food for my lunch at work and my little boy is not old enough to chew lettuces.

Since we do have chicken wings, I’ve decided to look for something really easy to make. I found this chicken wings recipe. I thought this is pretty easy, no need to marinate and you could not go wrong with wings. I do not have thai red curry.  So, I thought of other dipping sauce and I remembered Raising Canes.  Though I haven’t eaten this for a long time, I still remember their sauce.  So,  I went searching again maybe there’s a recipe somewhere and found this copycat version.


Chicken wings, olive oil,  salt and pepper.


I baked them longer than 25 minutes since I want the skin crispier so more skin fat will come out.


After about 45 minutes we were hungry and getting late, we ate some of the wings and left the rest in the oven to be roasted with the remaining heat. And I have to dry the fat with some paper towels.


This is the sauce. I added paprika. I would say it’s very close to the original sauce. I think the Raising Canes one is tastier than the one I made. I didn’t follow the measurements to the T. I just eyeballed and taste tested it since I was lazy to take out my measuring cups.

The wings were good with less hassle than frying them. I think the sauce is better paired with chicken fingers than wings. While we were waiting for the wings, me and my little boy dipped Picnics the shoestring potatoes with this sauce.

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”
-Muhammad Ali


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