Oatmeal-Lace Cookies

Last Sunday night while I was roasting a pork loin,  I thought I could fit in a cookie dough in the oven. I have saved this recipe before. When I saw this recipe I knew I had this before but I don’t recall when or where. I thought this is very easy to make. No need for my beloved stand mixer and only requires few ingredients.

Let’s get cooking.


I made only half of the recipe.



I think I didn’t pay much attention on the recipe. I didn’t know that these little islands (I used 2-tsps measuring spoon for scooping) could actually spread out on the entire pan.


Here it is. I thought of cutting the giant lace while still hot with pizza cutter.



Aside from the rectangular shape, they are buttery, sweet and very thin.  They are good change for a traditional cookie.

Can you believe it’s already spring? It’s a good thing but my time goes by fast!

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”
-Ronald Reagan


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