Plain Chinese Steamed Buns

For the past few weeks, my cravings are on Asian foods. We don’t have any bread at home. So, I decided to make steamed buns-just the buns. Steamed buns are one of my favorite eat-in-the-car foods (paired with my bubble tea) I buy everytime I land on a china town. This recipe is from She Simmers Thai Home Cooking. We love Chinese steamed buns.  I’ve been trying different steamed bun recipes and here are the steam buns I made before with pork filing. This time I wanted to make just plain one so we could eat it like a bread.
Dough mixture.
Sponge mixture.

I used all all purpose flour. Next time, as suggested on her recipe, I’m gonna try combination of cake and all purpose flours.
I tried half moon shape this time. I brushed the inside with a little bit of sesame oil as suggested in this other recipe.
Now fluffy and ready to be steamed.
As you can see how lazy I am. I just put parchment paper on the steamer instead of cutting individual ones for each.
Done in 10 minutes.

They are fluffy, soft and delicious. I used instant dry yeast and my stand mixer which cut down the prep time more than half. This is now my go-to recipe for yummy steamed buns.

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.”
-Rose Kennedy


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