Ultimate Sticky Buns

I want to make something special since it’s end of June. We are halfway done  for the year 2013. 2013 is a special year for me since this is the year that I want to focus on what’s only necessity in life. And think I’ve done that for the past six months. So for a breakfast treat,  I want to make my first sticky buns. I found this recipe from Epicurious.



For some reason my dough didn’t rise much on the first rising. The instant yeast is good but I think the water temperature wasn’t warm enough when I added the eggs straight from the fridge.




The only thing I changed is the corn syrup with the maple syrup.



This recipe got a lot of butter. While I really want to follow to the T, I just couldn’t fit all the butter.


I’m not sure if they are supposed to look like this. I got only 8 buns instead of 12.  I left them overnight in the fridge.


Out from the oven.  Now I know why other reviews say something of making more syrup and brush them before inverting them.


I was worried that the buns will turn out dense but they turned out just fine but not as fluffy as I was expecting. I don’t know if it was because it didn’t rise much on the first. They tasted good though. 

“Nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it.”
-Mahatma Gandhi


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