Cheese Straws


There are 2 things I routinely make at home for snacks – something sweet and something salty. For the salty one, I made cheese straws/sticks and could also be made as a cracker. This is an easy and cheesy recipe from Smitten Kitchen.  She compared these to a better version of cheez-it.  I never really liked cheez-it  because for me, it got that bitter after taste.  My kid once asked me to buy it just because he saw the angry birds picture on its box. He only ate few pieces of them until it was just time to toss them in the trash can since they were too old. Since he likes cheese, I thought to give this a try and make a cheeze-it that he’ll eat.

I used sharp cheddar since that’s what I have on hand.


Butter, flour, salt and cheese. I used heavy cream to put dry ingredients together. I have almost empty box of heavy cream in the freezer so it’s about time to finish it. The recipe says milk or half and half will work too.



They were not that difficult to transfer to the baking sheet. If they break, strips are easy enough to fix.


Baked at 350°F for 12 minutes.


I like them the most when they just came out from the oven.  They were a little chewy because of the melted cheeses. They are crunchy, light and cheesy.  My kid loves them!

“Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.”
-Luis Bunuel



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