Waffle Wednesday: Pumpkin Waffles


I’ve made few different waffles after my first – belgian yeast waffle. I froze them once cooled. I’m thanking these frozen waffles for having a breakfast treat at my work desk, giving my kid another alternative breakfast aside from cheerios, and spending my weekend morning sitting in the couch while watching news with a coffee and toasted waffle (instead of standing on the stove trying to make something for breakfast). They actually made my life easier! Of course, pancakes could be frozen too but I never thought of freezing these breakfast staples until I made waffles and there’s just really something about toasting for breakfast.

Anyway, I decided to post different waffles I’ve made on Wednesdays (I actually just made total of 3). This recipe is from Smitten Kitchen.


These are close to pancake, they got baking soda and powder.

The eggs were separated. I whipped the egg whites and folded with the rest of the mixture.

They are not as crunchy as the yeast waffles but they are delicious.


Great pumpkin flavor, maple syrup works best with these and they freeze and reheat very well. While I did like the belgian yeast waffles I made last time, they don’t freeze well (they developed some kind of sour taste after freezing). I freeze them on a baking sheet first until they are a bit frozen then store them on freezer bag.

“A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.”
~Mitch Hedberg


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