Waffle Wednesday: Chocolate Waffles


For waffle Wednesday, I got this chocolate waffle from Alton Brown of Food Network. This is more like dessert than breakfast. The good thing about these waffles, they don’t need any syrup. These are perfect for little kids who cannot help not to make a mess with sticky syrup.
No buttermilk? Make a homemade buttermilk!
Milk and vinegar make buttermilk. The first time (just early this year) I bought buttermilk for a chicken nuggets, I thought I got a bad one because it was super sour. The good thing, I googled it before pouring it down the sink. Then, I kept buying and freezing the leftover but it’s taking too much space until I asked myself if I could substitute it with something else. That’s how I found out. Though I haven’t tried it on chicken or any meat, I’ve used this buttermilk recipe a lot of times on baking and just works fine. And back to the waffles…


“A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.”
~Mitch Hedberg


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