One Pot Pasta: Tomatoes, Roasted Peepers and Brie


I’m actually jealous that I see a lot of people busy making sweet treats, carving pumpkins and decorating their house for Halloween. And here am I, got tangled to other errands or what you call not-so-fun things to do :(. At least we got our little boy a costume to wear in school and early trick or treating last Sunday. I’ve been on search for ideas on simple wholesome meals for busy days lately. This is my favorite non-one-pot variation of this tomato-basil-pasta. While this pasta already simple as it is, would be nice to simplify it more by only using one and only one pot! I saw this recipe from Martha Stewart long time ago and glad that I remembered it when I need it. When I searched for it, I saw another recipe from The Kitchn that uses sun dried tomatoes, roasted peppers and brie (my favorite) and all these I have on hand. So, I used the latter one. 


Basils, homemade oven dried tomatoes, garlics, roasted peppers, salt, pepper and linguine broken in half.


Just bring it to rolling boil, stir once in a while and cooked until pasta is al dente.



Cut brie into small pieces and mix it with the pasta.


Serve it.


Eat it. All in 30 minutes! The pasta turned out great and very flavorful.

“Eat, drink and be scary”


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