Seared Turkey & White Bean Burgers


Time to start thinking about turkey since it’s November! Next thing I know, time to say goodbye to 2013 :(. Life is just a series of moving ons!
I love turkey burger/slider especially with the juicy patty. I actually like ground turkey more than the whole bird. This recipe is from Fine Cooking. These patties are moist and great use of white beans outside soup.
I scaled up the ingredients since I got 2 lbs of meat.
I was supposed to cooked them and freeze the extra but I was getting sleepy. So, shaped them and put them on the freezer. Then, transferred them on freezer bags.
When I was ready to cook them, I thawed 2 of the bags and used the griddle (so I could cook more at once).
I think this is the best tasting turkey patty I’ve tasted. The beans went really well with the ground turkey. I’m glad I’ve made extras!

“Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.”
~Dave Mustaine 


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