Pasta with Chicken, Goat Cheese & Spinach


I love goat cheese on crackers. I didn’t know it will also work well on pasta until I saw this recipe. Once in a while, my mother’s friend gives my mom some cheese she gets from work and my mother gives them to me since they don’t like cheese that much and just like me before they thought these type of cheese are only for crackers or breads. This is an easy and tasty pasta like the classic alfredo but the goat cheese gives this pasta a restaurant style makeover. I made this on a Sunday night. While I was enjoying some Sunday family time, I got an unexpected and unusual message from work that I need to do some work and needs to be done before the next day! My first thought was… how am I going to make dinner now?!! But I still decided to make this and felt like I finished cooking in no time! It’s not a one pot meal but quick enough to make on a busy night.

This recipe is from Fine Cooking.
I used chicken broth instead of wine to make it kid friendly. Goat cheese is mixed on the chicken stock mixture.

Chicken breasts. Seasoned with salt and pepper, browned until cooked then cut into strips.

I sautéed the spinach then mixed everything and topped with chopped basils. I used thin spaghetti as a substitute for fettuccine.


“Fettucini alfredo is macaroni and cheese for adults.”
~Mitch Hedberg 


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