Perfect Pizza Dough


Great pizza for me comes with delicious toppings and great crust.  I like thin, crusty outside, a little chewy but still soft inside. I’ve made several homemade pizza crusts before while they are good enough for homemade standards but this pizza crust recipe will make it taste like restaurant style.

I borrowed this book, Peter Reinhart’s Artisan Breads Every Day. I’m now a fan of Mr Reinhart. I’ve made bagels, plain white breads, croissants and now the pizza dough and they all turned out amazing using his recipes on someone who is a very newbie to bread making.


Mixed everything, divided to pieces and put in the fridge overnight. This pizza dough recipe from his book could be found at Fine Cooking website.


I used his method on shaping, using the thumbs and I came up with thin crust with puffy edges (which prevent the cheese and sauce from spilling) with no use of a roller! Baking and shaping could also be found at Fine Cooking.


Top it with whatever you want. I only used regular baking sheet and they are fine and the author also said that you don’t need a pizza stone or peel if you don’t have one.


Puffy edges and thin crust in the middle. Though mine got a little wider edges.

Soft and chewy bread on the edges.

Homemade pizzas are great to make when you don’t have much time in the kitchen or just excited and busy for Thanksgiving.  We all bring the leftovers for work and school lunches. 🙂

“Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around.”
~Anna Quindlen 


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