Oat and Cheddar Crackers


These savory snacks are great for the upcoming Sunday big game if you are into it. I’m only into the commercials and just to get an idea for the next day talk about work topic. But really I made these for my little one for his school and sport.

This recipe is from Food and Wine.

I love the oats on it. I was able to keep the dough in the fridge for 2 days since I got busy.

I only brushed them with milk omitted egg wash then sprinkled with turbinado sugar.
They got cheese flavor on them but not too cheesy. I love the hint of sweetness from the sprinkled sugar. They puff on baking, so next time I’ll roll them thinner for crispier crackers. They are easy to make, yummy and approved by my little food critic (he might be small but he got a sophisticated palette). 🙂

“The whole point of the week is the weekend.”
~Angela Montenegro


8 thoughts on “Oat and Cheddar Crackers

  1. love DIY crackers and this recipe looks extra tasty. Appreciate you stopping by food for fun’s sweet stuff post. Enjoying your site (you have sweet potatoes, too 🙂 ) and am glad to have found you.

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