Sweet Sticky Rice


This is a popular dessert on Thai restaurants. I love the pungent flavors of Thai food and I love to finish up my Thai meal with this sweet and sticky rice. It always come with sweet mangoes and sometimes with coconut ice cream too. Few weeks ago, I asked my husband to pick up a few Asian ingredients at an Asian supermarket since it was on his way and he went home with a box of sweet yellow mangoes. I have put this sweet sticky rice making on the back burner when I found out I need to steam the rice. While I don’t think it’s complicated, I have to find a container or cloth that I could put on a steamer. I was just lazy to look for one. When those succulent mangoes arrived at my house, they were asking me to search again for sticky rice recipe and found this super easy only 15 minutes cooking on microwave. Yes, microwave! It amazed me because the only thing I have cooked on microwave is bacon on a microwave bacon tray.

This recipe is from Food and Wine by Andy Ricker of the cookbook Pok Pok. This cookbook is one of my wishlist to read.

Put the sticky rice and water on microwavable bowl covered with plastic wrap.
Microwave the rice for 5 minutes then stir and replace the plastic wrap. Repeat this process 2 more times. Mine was cooked in total of 13 minutes.
Cooked rice in 13 minutes and drained.
Put coconut milk, kosher salt and sugar to simmer.
Hot coconut milk combined with the rice.
Roasted sesame seeds.

This is the sauce – coconut rice, kosher salt and sugar, simmer until thickened. I only used the left over coconut milk from the sticky rice which is about 1 cup (didn’t want to open another can of coconut milk) and adjusted the amount of the other ingredients. I think making only half of the sauce is enough for for this recipe.

This bowl makes me happy :). Delicious without going to a Thai restaurant. The recipe is plenty for small households so we have a lot of leftovers. Putting the rice on the fridge will make the rice mushy but didn’t bother us much, still delicious when warmed on microwave. This is going to be my go-to last minute potluck dessert.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
~Virginia Woolf


10 thoughts on “Sweet Sticky Rice

    • Yeah, not for everyone. I also know someone who’s not big fan of this since she also thinks rice doesn’t seem fit as a dessert. And joked with her about rice krispies as a cereal and could also be a dessert (rice krispies bar) which she actually eats. But of course, everyone has their own preference. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  1. seriously–you cook from the best cookbooks! Agree that this is a perfect dessert. As much as we all love chocolate (and I know you do 😉 ), there’s something so lovely about celebrating other flavors in dessert.

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