This blog is just about a working mom who just recently found happiness on home cooking. I grew up eating so called semi-homemade meals like spaghetti with store-bought pasta sauce. I do not have any professional background related to food. After doing some analysis on our family budget, I realized eating out eats a big portion of it and there were many situations when we had restaurant meals that we thought not satisfying as the amount we paid.

I’ve learned to love foods on many vacation trips that me and my husband have conquered. Even with a little one in tow didn’t stop us to have family adventure like cruising on Caribbean or road tripping to east coast Canada. It’s just our passion.

With the technology nowadays, I could just search any recipe I want on my phone and ta-dah… With all the steps, details and user reviews on it how else could this be complicated? I could make good foods for my family (if I made it right) and I know exactly what’s in it, no other additives, better tasting and won’t cost as much getting it outside. But I have to be honest, having a full time job, family and errands to do to keep going on everyday life is challenge to have a home cooked meals all the time. We still go eat out of course but at least we don’t have to do it almost everyday.

Outside home working mom is a nerd, working on tech related field. So, learning to cook is a great change of space for me.


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