Hawaii Day 14: Ulua Beach, Fish Taco and Sushi

We feel like we’ve seen most of the major must see places in Maui. Starting today,  we just want to do mostly beach and random things.

We’ve finished all the left over foods in the fridge, so we need to get breakfast somewhere. I found 808 Bistro. It was a quiet place,  there were only mini groups of 2 when we arrived.


A little beach view.


Banana bread french toast.


Short rib omelet.


Foccacia egg and bacon sandwich.

We did like the foods and enjoyed this place better than the Kihei Cafe.

Last time we went to Ulua Beach just to see sunset and do a little walk and we wanted to come back for a soak and snorkel.



It was calm and warm water in the morning. This is now so far our favorite beach. It was very convenient since it is close to the rental condo.

After drying up from the beach, we decided to drive around in Kahului area while my kid was napping in the car. After driving around, we stopped at Coconuts Fish Café. This place is popular for their fish tacos.


Fish and chips, clam chowder and the fish tacos. We really liked the fish tacos.

And for dessert, about 2 miles from the fish taco place is the Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice in Kihei.



Mango, coconut and lychee flavors with haupia(creamy coconut and it’s sweeter than regular coconut ice cream…my guess it has condensed milk) ice cream on the bottom. I feel like I’m a 3 year old kid again when I eat this shave ice. Forget about diet, I could diet 365 minus 18 days! After eating this delicious lunch in our place, it was great time for a nap.

And what comes next? Dinner time. My husband found this sushi place – Koiso Sushi Bar. It’s a very tiny place. I think they could only fit 12-15 people so reservation is a must. And if you are a sushi person it is a must when you are in Maui. Everything was delicious!


The best tasting uni we ever had. It was buttery and sweet.


Grilled hamachi. My kid liked this.



Rainbow roll.
They gave us complimentary edamame and fresh cut pineapple for dessert.

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”
― Pat Conroy


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